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Welcome to the History Archive of Altrincham United Reformed Church.

Altrincham United Reformed Church has two places of worship, Trinity Hale, and Woodlands Timperley. They carry the records and traditions of three former churches that were active during the 20th Century until the present. They are:

Hale Congregational Church (now Trinity Hale, AURC)
Trinity Bowdon Presbyterian Church and Trinity Mission
(both sold for development).
Broadheath Congregational Church
(re-located in 1974, becoming Woodlands Timperley)

This project originated in 2014 when it was decided to commemorate the centenary of World War 1, by first planting poppies in the church grounds of both places of worship. This coincided with a major refurbishment of the church building at Hale, resulting in services being held for a few months in the church hall. This hall, however, had been the original chapel when the church was founded, and we were even using the original communion table. This inspired me (Jim McKnight) to give an address one Sunday concerning poppies, the church history, and leading up to the use of the church as a hospital in WW1.

Poppies at Trinity Hale

Subsquently, when the new church was re-opened, it was realised that it was ideal for exhibition purposes. Revd Brian Jolly suggested that we hold a WW1 exhibition with an expanded history of Trinity, Hale, and inviting members to give material from their family histories. The exhibition was organised by Phil Reeves and Rebecca Leggat and covered the week of Remembrance Day 2014.


The new friendship area at Trinity Hale.

Jeremy Cocker took on the arduous task of researching the stories of those who had died from our congregations. This resulted in a Roll of Honour for each of the three churches who sent men abroad. These give unique insights to those people who worshipped in Altrincham, and then gave their lives for their country.

Subsequently, a similar exhibition was mounted for WW2, and the memorial archive upgraded to include this. We discovered that there were many family members who had distinguished war records and have since died, and these too have been added to the record.

One of the three Rolls of Honour

One of the member's family exhibits.

Children from Stamford Park Junior School visit the exhibition.
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