The McKnight's Newsletter for 2020


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Jim and Kathryn report:

Last year we celebrated our Diamond wedding. Yes, sixty years of wedded bliss, we are told by our daughters.

But what of this year? We have been declared at great risk from Covid19 and have been in lock-down since March. Just when restrictions seem to be lifted - new ones are imposed.

Of course there are millions like us throughout the world. Let us hope that our scientists bring this global pandemic to an end. We also hope thaa our many friends who read this are surviving where ever they are.



Normally we would be telling you all about our holidays, but of course there have been none.
We wonder what conditions would bave been like in the "Good Old Days" without electronic aids like TV and smart phones. We socialise today with WhatsApp and Zoom so are virtually never alone. I have even conducted communion services with Zoom. We are old enough that our parents remembered 100 years ago, when the Great Flu pandemic wiped out millions. Science and technology have made our lives so different.

Uually in November we mount locally an exhibition of Remembrance covering two world wars. Not this year of course. You may have noted that this news letter is part of our personal web-site, but we also host the history archive for a group of churches. The archive includes the life stories of those many church members who lost their lives in two world wars, as well as personal stories of survivors. This history section last March had attracted nearly 400,000 readers. Today the count is over four million!

We find this hard to understand, but there are hundreds of names in the archive, as well as place names. Plenty for the Search Engines. It does seem as if the effort was worth while.

Next year - we expect to have a lot to tell you. May God bless you and keep you.

May we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ...

from Jim and Kate Mcknight

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