The McKnight's Newsletter for 2018

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Jim and Kathryn report:

Because of our growing infimity we like to spend vacations on cruise ships. It is convenient for us to drive to Liverpool, where agents take over, parking the car and handling the baggage. We even get a ride direct to the ship. What airport offers such service? Our complacency was shattered this year when the multi-story car park used caught fire in January and over 1000 cars were destroyed. Even now, there are hundreds of undamaged cars trapped in the unsafe structure.

The agents found alternative solutions, of course. So no problems, we thought, when we went on cruise to the Scottish lochs in June. And the insurance was cheap. ("You remain in the UK so you won't need to insure against repatriation." Thank you, you mean in a box!)

Except when we got to Liverpool - no ship! It had broken down and was in a dockyard in Rosythe on the Eastern coast of Scotland. The cruise was meant to be on the West coast. A veritable army of coaches took us all to meet the crippled ship, and after a couple of days we set sail. Only storm Hector prevented us from reaching the West coast for days, riding overnight at anchor. We did get to the Orkneys, however.

Better luck next time!

Two levels of a burned out of a 7 story car park.
Liverpooi; Jan 2018


I used to work on occasion at the Dounreay Nuclear site on the north coast of Scatland, and so I have visited the Orkney Isles many times, mainly to view the pre-historic sites. For some reason, I never went into the capital town of Kirkwall until now. I was astonished at the cathedral there. It was built at the same time as William the Conqueror was invading England! Who thought the Scots were not civilised then?

I have always been proud of my Scottish ancestry. However, DNA tests have shown I am more Viking than Scotish.

This year, being the centenary of the end of World War One, we held an exhibition in our church to commemorate the lives of past members, and relatuives of present members who served our country and gave their lives.

The following link directs you to many of these stories. War-history

Just one small part of the exhibitioon, showing many medals,
some rare, some unique



One accidental find was the story of a member's uncle, who died in 1917, aged 24. Holder of the Military Medal, he wrote poetry, some of it very poignant. Read his story and his poetry here.



Our son-in-law, Ric, is now re-established as a professional photographer, after his recent work with the homeless. To test his studio lighting, his daughter, our granddaughte, Cora, proved a somewhat reluctant model.

Cora is now studying at Leeds University.


You may like to visit Ric's website:

Click here:

A Reunion After 65 Years!

Whilst visiting the RAF museum at Cosford, we came across this Chipmunk trainer.
It was the actual plane in which the Duke of Edinburgh learned to fly in 1952.
In 1953 it was loaned to the Liverpool University Air Squadron for their Easter camp, when it was flown by Jim (centre).
Jim is accompanied by Kate, and daughter Penny.
Jim's recollection is that the Duke's plane was then identified by blue linage in either side of the fuselage.
The plane has since been repainted in original RAF trainer livery. It was placed in the museum in 1977.

May we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! ...

from Jim and Kate Mcknight

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